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Feed Your Brain The Right Way


Now, who doesn't love a good meal or a scrumptious snack? Being an undetachable part of our lives, food is also a great source of nutrients and a sweet or savoury sort of joy (not a bad package, no?). But like any other one of life's delights, there is also the negative aspect of food. In this post, I'm not talking about the fat-laden sort or the cholesterol infested sort, but the kind that can damage your brain if you don't eat the right way. In today's article, let me take you into the world of brain food and the wonders it can do to your brain.

Dreams And How To Remember Them


Dreams, the voice of our subconscious and the parts of the mind that we try to shut away. They are the imaginative thoughts and sensations we go through when we sleep, and as I'd like to call them, they are the fun little movies you watch in your head before you wake up. In today's post, I will be discussing dreams and how one can remember them.

Live Better #1 : Positivity

Half full? Or half empty?

Live Better is, as its name suggests, a series of articles (lifehacks, more like) on how you can improve the way you live, and make life a happier experience. Today's article will be about how positivity affects ourselves, and even the people around us, as well as how you can cultivate the right form of this attitude.

How To Get Over Crushes

 It hurts, doesn't it?

As wonderful love can feel, it can turn out to be an unwanted feeling for some people. Love can be a difficult (and distracting) obstacle, getting in the way of a person’s priorities, family, and even friendship. In today’s post, I will be sharing different methods on how one can get over their crushes.

Funny Shirts To Get Arrested In


Hi, I'm back! (thanks LK!)

The title is self-explanatory. In today's article, I will be listing several pictures of people wearing the strangest, most ironic shirts you could possibly wear in a mugshot. 

5 Reasons Why Science Says You Should Procrastinate


Hello, valued readers. Today, while regular author Jill is slaving away at homework or some other inevitable spawn of duty from hell, guest blogger LK will be stepping in.

In what may seem like a desperate marketing scheme gone horribly wrong, Procrastination Right Now will today attempt to explain to you why procrastinating is scientifically (and sometimes pseudoscientifically) good for you.

I'm Feeling Lucky: Fun Things You Can Do On Google Search


  Google Search, only more fun

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