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What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say 'Geek Toys'? Light Sabers? Rubik Cubes? Remote Controlled anything? In this post, I'm going to attempt to change the way you think about Geeks and gadgets, or at least just make you go 'Oh hey, that's cool!'.

Personal Soundtrack Shirt

You're about to walk down a hallway, and you want to look really cool, so you whip out a small remote control and press one of the buttons, and one of your favorite songs start to play... from your shirt

This awesome shirt comes with 20 built in sounds (including laughter sound effects and applause) and you can even download more songs for the shirt. Think of the possibilities here! The pranks you could pull! You'd exude stylishness!

DIY Blood Type Testing Kit

Ever wanted to donate an organ or blood, but never knew what you or your friend's blood type was? With this, you'll find out in a matter of minutes, so there's no need to go to a hospital to find out, thus saving you petrol and your time. Okay, well maybe you could check your Birth Certificate, but hey, it's more fun this way. 

 Robotic Arm Kit

Why bother using your limbs if you can use this robotic arm instead? It can do everything your arm can do, it's flexible, and it also has an LED spotlight to help you with...whatever it is you're doing with it. Sure, it may not be so useful unless you're mass producing tiny cars for the tiny people, but it is indubitably a neat toy.

Laser Star Projector

I like lasers, so I just had to include this on the list. Imagine turning this on in a dark room, and you'll be amazed by the solar system in your own house. How's that for sleeping under the stars? To complete the scene, I recommend some ambient sounds like crickets chirping or some leaves rustling in the wind.

DIY Drinking Straws

I like straws, almost as much as I like lasers. I especially like long, peculiarly shaped straws, so it's no wonder why I like the DIY Drinking Straws. As it's name suggests, you can let your creative juices flow (lame pun intended) by connecting different straws together to form many fun drinking pathways. It beats drinking with a long, boring, straight straw, right?

Chat Pillows

Nuff said.

USB Webcam Rocket Launcher

Now here's something fun and useful. Not only can you use this as a webcam, but you and your friend can control each other's Rocket Launchers. That's right, the moment your friend has a clear view of your face, he/she can start shooting at you. Unfortunately for your friend, you can do the same! How's this for taking cyber warfare to the next level?

Bacon Lip Balm

The only non-halal item on the list. Yes, like the name suggests, it does taste like bacon! If you think this is weird (but fantastic all the same, mind you!), there's also bacon popcorn, bacon mints, bacon jellybeans and bacon gumballs! Just make sure you stay away from dogs, bears, or anything that might find bacon delectable.

Doodle Track

Remember those old toy cars we played with as kids? The ones we had to push or wind up just to get it to move, and the click-together race car tracks that didn't give us much space for creativity when it came to track design? Now here's a creative toy for the youngsters! With newer technology, you can draw the tracks and the car will automatically follow them. Neat huh?

Robot Chick

How cute and realistic is that? Unlike most robot animals, this life size robot chick is cute, fuzzy, and it acts like a real chick! It will happily cheep and flbirap its adowable widdle wings in  wesponse  response to touch, and it will even cry when it isn't given enough attention.


And that concludes my birthday wish list list of geeky gadgets and other odd items. If you're interested in purchasing these things, or inclined to see more, you can visit these websites:

For more cool pillows, including the chat pillows featured in this post!

For a ton of entertaining gadgets sure to drive you crazy!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Until Saturday, folks!

Random quote

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
~ Albert Einstein


ally. said...


Teehee. You showed me those sites earlier! YAYYYY! I first! >P
And WOOOOT to birthday list! ^.^ I vants all that TOO! D:
Except bacon lip balm. I vants the bacon POPCORN. ^_______^

Jill said...

Haha, glad you liked it. Does that mean I'll be getting one of these things for my next birthday? :P

Shufei said...

I love them chat pillows. & the robot chick! =3

the blogger (: said...

does the doodle track really exist? 0.o
and i like the straws (:

Aida said...

I would totally love the Laser Star Projector and the Robot Chick. I think Fluffy would love the cute little baby chicken too!

Jill said...

Shu Fei, Aida: It's adorable, aye? Hehe...

The Blogger: Yes it does exist, and it's on sale on ThinkGeek. And thank you so much for linking me on your blog! Much appreciated :)

ally. said...

I'm manually advertising this blog to my cousins as we speak. xD

Jill said...

Thanks, Aida! :)

ally. said...

WHAT? I said that. D:

Je suis Ally Chuah. :(


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