Funny Shirts To Get Arrested In


Hi, I'm back! (thanks LK!)

The title is self-explanatory. In today's article, I will be listing several pictures of people wearing the strangest, most ironic shirts you could possibly wear in a mugshot. 

In no particular order...

Trouble finds me - It sure does!

It wasn't me - Sure it wasn't...

Female Body Inspector - Now that's just nasty.

I'm probably lying - Thanks for letting us know!

I'm not an alcoholic, IM A DRUNK. Alcoholics go to meetings - Interesting. Good to know.

Hi, I don't care. Thanks. - You're welcome!

From here, I'll be counting down the funniest facial expressions that go with these  fabulous  outfits.

Funniest Facial Expressions 

4. Stupidity is not a crime

3. Do I look like I care?

2. Got Jesus?

And coming in at number one is...

1. I am the Law!

I think that we can learn something from all this.
If you really don't know what to do in front of a camera, just stick to the cheesy grin, hand signs, or poses. It'll save you the embarrassment.  Like I'm the one to talk .

I just realized that 4 out of the 10 shirts in this post use the font Impact. Heh.

What's your favourite picture of the bunch? 


ally. said...


JV said...

Strikethrough humor inspired by LK?

Yeah, last one is lulz XP

Jill said...

JV: I've been using strikethrough humor for a while already XD Sort of inspired by him too haha

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