I'm Feeling Lucky: Fun Things You Can Do On Google Search


  Google Search, only more fun

Google Doodles 

Very often, Google changes their logo depending on the occasion, for example during the Vancouver Winter Olympics, or during the Chinese Lunar New Year. These neat displays of art make it a must to visit their web page everyday, and if you're curious to see their previous logos, check out their Google Doodles website!

I'm Feeling Lucky 

I'm Feeling Lucky is an interesting source of entertainment. What this feature does is that is that it will take you directly to the first search result. Here are some interesting searches to get you started!
  1. Chuck Norris
  2. lol limewire
  3. I want a PC that works

The wonders of I'm Feeling Lucky doesn't stop there! Did you know that it can also change the language your Google page is in? And I don't mean just any normal language. You'll see when you type the following in your search box...

  1. xx-piglatin (after clicking on I'm Feeling Lucky, your Google page will be in Pig Latin)
  2. xx-klingon (this is for the Star Trek fans. After clicking on I'm Feeling Lucky, your Google page will be in Klingon)
  3. xx-hacker (your Google page will reload...in Leet!)
  4. xx-elmer (Remember the little bald man hunting Bugs Bunny in the Looney Tunes cartoons? After typing this in, everything in your Google page will be spelt the way Elmer would pronounce it!)
  5. xx-bork (If you've watched the Muppet Show, then you'd probably know who the Swedish chef is, and how he says "Bork Bork Bork". Type this in and everything in your Google page will be spelt the way he would pronounce it!)

Google Suggest 

You'd be surprised at the nonsense you'll get here. Like the picture above, you'll get a lot of strange search suggestions from Google, like 'Charles Darwin is the satan' or 'I am extremely terrified of Chinese people'. To get you started, try looking up these and let Google Suggest do the rest!
  1. I am extremely 
  2. Charles Darwin is
  3. Barrack Obama is
  4. Why
  5. Why is there
  6. Google is
Extra: Google Images 

A recent discovery. Look up 'elderly wii' on Google Images...and be confounded.

That's all for today's post. Until next Wednesday! Oh, and if you haven't done this yet, be sure to check out the new item in the Mystery Box this week as well as the Word of the Week!


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